Undergraduate Named Scholarships at the University of Pennsylvania

Making History: The Campaign for Penn

Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Scholarship Celebration
  • Kayvon, W’18, President Amy Gutmann, and Elizabeth, C’18

  • Mikki Abbott, Jill Abbott, G’93, Virginia, C’18, and Howard Freedlander, C’67, PAR’02

  • Austin, C’20, President Gutmann, and Winston, C’21

  • Clemson Smith Muniz, C'79 and Amber, C'21

  • Shubham, C'18, W'18, Sheryl Kaye, W'86, PAR'15, PAR'21, Shirley, W'19, Sydney Kaye, C'21, W'21, and Yash, C'21

  • Tiffany, W'18 and Hal Goltz, ENG'04, W'04

  • Tatiana, NU’21, President Amy Gutmann, and William, ENG’19

  • Dariely, NU'20 and Eric Linn, W'92

  • President Amy Gutmann and Jonathan Dorfman, W'84

  • Michelle, C'21, Nancy Bateman, CW'72, Robert Hermann, and Misgana, C'18

  • Nancy Schwartz, C'87, PAR'21 and Angela, C'20

  • Kayvon, W'18, Elijah, W'21, James, C'19, Michael, C'19, Brandon, C'18, Sylvia, C'20, Elin Wahman, and Yareqzy, C'20

  • Elizabeth, C'18

  • Kayvon, W'18

  • Provost Wendell Pritchett, Sarah, C’18, Brett Barth, W’93, Garrett, ENG’19, and Evan Roth, C’92, W’92

  • David Wu, WG'95 and Munashe, W'20

  • President Amy Gutmann, Audrey Reny, C’86, WG’91, PAR’17, PAR’19, and Charles, ENG’18

  • Cameron, ENG'18, Brendan, C'19, Patrick Hackett, C'83, W'83, PAR'12, PAR'13, Janienne Hackett, ENG'83, PAR'12, PAR'13, Enrique, ENG'18, and Vicente, ENG'19

  • Eduardo, W'20, C'20 and Charles Hebard, C'92, WG'99


Every November, our Undergraduate Named Scholarship community comes together on Penn’s campus for the Fall Scholarship Celebration. Nearly 600 alumni, students, friends, University leadership, and parents experienced together an inspiring evening on November 28 that celebrated the generosity of Penn’s scholarship supporters, and the extraordinary accomplishments of students who can study, grow, and thrive at Penn because of the power of financial aid.

Scholarship donors and students met with one another – some for the very first time and others enjoying the evening together after years of knowing one another – and sharing together the unique bond of a Penn scholarship. For both the donors and the students, undergraduate financial aid and their love for Penn has impacted their lives in a deep and meaningful way.

Penn’s John R. Rockwell Gymnasium felt electric as seniors Elizabeth, C’18, and Kayvon, W’18 shared their powerful personal stories. At certain points in both of their lives it seemed that college might be out of their reach, but their grit and brilliance brought them to Penn and financial aid has helped them to shine here and take advantage of all that the University has to offer them. 

The Fall Scholarship Celebration was hosted by President Amy Gutmann who also provided remarks during the evening, and used the occasion to announce a new Presidential Challenge Match for undergraduate financial aid.

The fall is always such a fitting time to come together on campus to celebrate the University of Pennsylvania and the alumni, friends, and students who make it so strong. As the largest university in the U.S. with a grant-based financial aid program, this is only made possible because of the generosity of scholarship donors and their shared commitment with Penn to educational accessibility.

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