Undergraduate Named Scholarships at the University of Pennsylvania

Making History: The Campaign for Penn

Fall 2017

Kayvon, W’18

On Penn’s campus, Kayvon is already well-known. A musician and entrepreneur, Kayvon is one of the stars of the This is Our Penn video and has thrilled Penn crowds for nearly four years with his performances. But on the evening of the Scholarship Celebration, attendees got the chance to know Kayvon a little bit better.

For years before coming to Penn, Kayvon had a dream of coming to the University. And not only for the chance to study among some of the most talented students and professors in the world, but to prove that Penn truly is a place where students from a diverse set of backgrounds can grow and thrive.

“Our backgrounds don’t have to dictate where we end up, but instead our perspectives make us uniquely positioned to add incredible value. And I knew that Penn had all the resources to allow its student to follow their dreams, and it provided the support necessary for kids who wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise, thanks to the many donors in the room today.”

Kayvon has taken a journey from Baltimore, Maryland to the Milton Hershey School and then to Penn. Once at Penn, there was no stopping him.

Kayvon has had the opportunity to learn from leaders in both the business world and the music industry. He’s performed on campus and across the country. Kayvon has interned at a media & entertainment company and a trust fund and he’s done consulting. And he has somehow even found time to give back to the community by volunteering through the Financial Literacy Community Project.

The sky is the limit for Kayvon, and his first stop after graduation will be Silicon Valley where he will be working at Facebook.

Kayvon concluded by talking about the power of investment. “But one very simple thing I have learned during my time at Wharton is the true definition of an investment. The donors and the university are making an investment in us, and we’re using that investment to create more value for ourselves, the university, and the surrounding community in return. We’ve turned our adversities into advantages.”

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